We Head Home – Campsmas 2019

Leaving to head home is always a little bittersweet. The laundry pile was out of control, our kids were tired, and Jeff and I knew we had to get back to work. But then our tired, tearful son admitted that he was going to miss the family time once we got home, because he knew … Continue reading We Head Home – Campsmas 2019

South Llano and Monahans Sandhills – Vacation 2019

We looked across the expanse of sand and the kids took off down the dune, ready to explore the next one. We shortened the dogs’ leashes and let them take off after the kids, both of them happily running through the sand to protect their people. We spent the next hour waiting for the sunset, climbing to the top of the next dune and then sitting at the top while we watched our kids play and roll in the sand.