Basecamp in Crawford State Park

The state park offered us everything that we needed for the adventures that we had planned for the region and gave our family room to move and explore in the mornings and evenings before we left for those adventures. We had room to spread out, we spent quality time in nature, and we got to see some spectacular unobstructed sunsets as a bonus.

We Need to Bring Back the CCC

I know that it seems easy to make a suggestion that is really gigantic in scope. It is a drastic suggestion that would take billions of dollars and a significant amount of manpower. But we are a nation facing issues with global climate change, crumbling infrastructure, stagnant wages, ballooning student loan debt, and lack of affordable housing. If we can come up with a bipartisan program that would address most of all of these issues at the same time, I believe that is something we could all get on board with. If it worked once before, it could work again, couldn't it?

The Great Midwest Trip – Part 5

Note: This is part five of a seven part series about our camping trip up north during the summer of 2018. I had originally written this as part of a much longer memoir manuscript, but as I continue to rework what has been been written, the original is taking a different shape. However, I still … Continue reading The Great Midwest Trip – Part 5

The Great Midwest Trip – Part 4

To be honest, I knew Wisconsin had its pretty spots, especially up north closer to the Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, but I had no idea just how lovely the Mississippi River portion of Wisconsin actually is. We drove into a park full of green trees, river overlooks, and a near perfect reserved camping spot in the back of the campground.

The Great Midwest Trip – Part 3

As soon as we had the camper parked, the kids were ready to jump out and race to the playground. Our daughter grabbed the map, found our campsite number, and then found the playground location, which was right next to the bathrooms. They played there until dinner and then returned to the playground for more play time while I went out to get some much-needed gas. When I finally got back, Jeff said that they didn’t come home until it was dark and the only reason that they came home was because Jeff had gone to get them. It was official: three days into our trip and they were in full camping mode.