The Weekend the Rain Kept Coming

I wrote this after the waters receded two years ago. Now I have friends and family who are bracing for a powerful storm set to hit Florida. Harvey will stick with us for the rest of our lives.

Accepting the Unexpected Journey


“Are you dry?”

It sounds like such a simple question, but for the last five days it has been the euphemistic way of asking “How much water is in your house?”

Six days ago I joked with students and colleagues about the coming storm. We moved here two years ago from Indiana, immediately following the Memorial Day floods that froze the city. The October that we moved here we experienced ten inches of rain in one day when a hurricane hit Mexico and we received the rainy remnants. The following April we woke up early in the morning to water on our kitchen and office floor during what would become known as the “Tax Day Flood.” My husband pumped water out of our backyard and I started the process of putting towels on the floor, spinning them in the washer, and starting all over again. Then Memorial Day weekend my…

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