Nothing like preparing to move to show you just how much stuff you have.

Seriously. We have A LOT of stuff.

Even before I accepted the call to teach down in Texas, I started sorting through all the stuff in our house and tried Facebook garage sale sites and donating certain items to various organizations. Part of it was just a need to get rid of stuff, but we had also been talking about possibly moving for awhile, and I knew that it didn’t matter whether or not we moved sooner or later, I was going to need to sort through and get rid of a lot of stuff. It’s not that we couldn’t move the stuff. It’s not that we wouldn’t have room for the stuff once we moved. It was stuff we didn’t need or use anymore and therefore it was going to be a waste to pack and move stuff we didn’t want or need anymore. And I’ve gotten rid of a lot, but stuff keeps appearing and with five days before Move Day I am a little overwhelmed and eagerly looking forward to the moment everything is packed up and safely stored on a truck headed to Texas and then a storage unit.

And then we are moving into our camper.

We discussed this as a possibility months ago when Texas was on the radar. We’ve actually joked about moving into our camper at some point from the moment we bought it. We were talking about possibly building a house and just living in the camper until the house was finished. When it appeared that God might be directing us down to Texas, we realized that year-round camping in our air-conditioned camper might work for a couple months until we could find a house.

Of course, the ideal when moving is going straight from one house to the next. The movers pack everything and you don’t have to lift a finger until they leave your house. Unfortunately, the offer we put on a house when we went down to look wasn’t accepted and we had to start thinking about the best course of action.

So camper living it is for us.

Part of me is terrified to move four people and a dog into our camper to actually live, not just camp, for at least a month. That is a lot of togetherness. But then there is the part of me that is just ready to live simply for awhile. Less area to clean (and let’s be honest, that is a struggle for me), fewer clothes to clean (although I will really have to stay on top of the laundry), fewer distractions (especially important as I prepare for a new school year), we’ll be forced to get out into the community (because we seriously cannot just hang out in the camper), and just less.

The “Tiny House” movement has gotten more coverage lately. I’ve been impressed by the couples who have decided to completely downsize and move out of large, energy sucking houses and live the simple life. I respect what they are doing, but I also think they are crazy. However, for now we are going to join the movement, even if it is just for a couple months, MAX.

So over the next two months, dear reader, you will get to experience the joys and no-so-joyous moments of simple living. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. You will do it! We are so similar in our thinking sometimes Sarah! I love the movement and it intrigues me, but also scares me. So intimidating to be so crammed.

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