I started blogging personal reflections and recounting our adventures of home renovations at Frazzled Reflections. I started Accepting the Unexpected Journey as we were preparing to move to Texas.

For two years I had the privilege to write for THRED, an online ministry connected to Lutheran Hour Ministries. You can find all of my blog pieces for THRED here.

Here is my teaching and professional portfolio, powered by Google Sites.

You can find my posts for Bored Teachers at this link.

You can find my posts for Red Letter Christians at this link.

You can find my posts for Scary Mommy at this link.

I have had the following pieces published at Real Clear Energy

In 2020 I was asked to be a spokesperson for RepublicEn. It is an organization focused on finding more conservative and moderate approaches to fighting the very real threat of climate change. Environmental and climate change issues affect all of us and require multifaceted solutions to the multifaceted problems that are caused by all global citizens.