printed musical note page

Really God?

The final thing that I’ve learned is to trust that God is in control. Now that doesn’t mean that I just sit around and wait for God to work. He’s given me wisdom, understanding and the opportunity to receive counsel from others. And as I’ve matured, in every decision I’ve made, I’ve learned something from previous “mistakes” I’ve made and learned to seek more thorough input from God, from others, and from the Bible. And that’s helped immensely.

Why I Keep Coming Back to the Classroom

This August, I will put on a mask and pack a personal bottle of hand sanitizer in my teacher bag next to my favorite grading pens. I will come back to the classroom because it is the most important space where I can make a difference. I will return as a teacher every fall for the foreseeable future because of the challenge, not in spite of it. Books will be loved by the right reader without my tutelage, but I will not be the same without the opportunity to teach.