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Expecting the Unexpected and Tearing Down Walls

Rather than writing the story when the path ahead is blurry, let’s grab the hand of one who is stronger and wiser and partner with our creator to embrace the fullness of all he promises. Let’s learn from the Israelites desire to let fear lead their decisions and choose a different way. Let’s expect walls to crumble at our command with God’s help and for his glory.

Take Time to Know Their Story

Before Jesus started talking to the Samaritan woman, he knew that she wasn’t Jewish. He knew that she had been married many times before and he knew that she was living with a man that she was not married to. He took the time to show her that he know her story and he made it clear that he saw her, not just another woman at the well. He knew that while she was there to draw water, what she really needed was spiritual healing. He addressed the “elephant in the room,” but instead of discussing all the ways she had failed as a human being, he moved on to speaking about “living water” and the spiritual freedom he was offering her at that very moment, as she was.