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We’ve Been in Babylon for Four Long Years

When I walk into church, I am a Christian first, an American second. When I walk into the voting booth, I am an American first, a Christian second. That isn’t because my faith doesn’t take priority over everything else, but because it is my duty as an American to vote in the best interests of my country, my whole country. I’m not voting to further the heavenly kingdom; I’m voting for the creation of a more perfect union.

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Raising Forgiven Sinners, Good Humans

I want my kids to see morality as following Jesus’s example and not just acting as perfectly as possible. I want my kids to embrace the idea of “good trouble” and understand that doing the right thing isn’t always considered the socially appropriate thing. I don’t want them to believe that sacrificing for saying they are followers of Jesus is enough; I want them to be willing to sacrifice for being like Jesus. I want them to love mercy and walk humbly.

Looking For COVID’s Hazy Silver Lining

Make no mistake. This worldwide pandemic is going to devastate our global economy, cost lives, and make most of us uncomfortable–at best–for the next several months. It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better and it is this loss of control over our lives and fear of the unknown that is driving a lot of the current panic. But when we finally come out of this, no matter how bruised and battered, my prayers is that we will be able to see a silver lining. The quick warnings and actions of doctors and scientists around the world demonstrated that they had learned from history and determined to see a better outcome in the 21st century. I believe that the rest of us can do the same.