Hello There Fall, I Missed You

Because there is something truly magnificent about real Fall. Since the beginning of September, we have experienced the slow transition to winter, enjoying warm days and shorts-wearing and then throwing on our hoodies for night walks with just a slight chill. We have woken up to cool mornings at the perfect temperature for running and then thrown our windows open to let in the warm breeze. Last weekend my daughter and I hiked through a local state park, the 60-degree temps perfect for a two-mile hike through woods while we enjoyed the smell of fall and the crunch of leaves under our feet.

Missing the Joys of Northern Fall Camping

Fall in the Midwest is the most beautiful time of year for campers. At least, early fall is the most beautiful time of the year for campers. After a hot, sticky summer making most camping weekends uncomfortable at best, the warm days and increasingly cooler nights bring the best of both worlds: perfect daytime temperatures for outdoor activity and the comfort of an outdoor fire, a cozy hoodie, and perfectly toasted s’mores as the sun sets at night.