Unexpected Changes to Our Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions change because we change. Some of those changes are within our control and others are changes we have to learn to accept as changes that have nothing to do with us. While some of those changes can hurt us, when we find a way through those changes, we can continue to make the holidays are own, celebrations that capture where we are in a given moment, even if those moments are painful.

Campsgiving on the Coast

We tossed around options, looked at past camping trips around Texas, and six months out finally decided to give the Corpus Christi region another shot. At the time, Mustang Island State Park was still closed for repairs from Hurricane Harvey (the Corpus region suffered a direct hit from the hurricane), so I looked a little further north to Lake Corpus Christi State Park. It would be less than an hour of driving to get us into the city for whatever sightseeing we wanted to do and we could get full hook-up, which is helpful when we are planning a full feast and a stay of longer than two nights.

My Journey from Zero to Mom Hero in the Kitchen

I’ve stopped seeing my kitchen as a place where my working mom homemaking skills go to die. Instead, it is a place where I can cook healthy meals for my family and bond with my husband or teach my children skills that will help them through college and beyond. It’s a place where we test the pulled pork fresh off of the smoker or eat the leftover pieces of baked pie crust that I cut off of the chicken pot pie baking in the oven.

Hand Me the Laptop, I’m Shopping Online

After years of using shopping as an escape, it has become a dissatisfying, time consuming task. I don’t enjoy it anymore, and with the exception of grocery shopping (which I typically don’t mind because I enjoy cooking and I’m dedicated to planning our meals around sales that I need to evaluate in person), I would rather just stay home. Because I can direct ship gifts, I do most of my Christmas and birthday gift shopping online. When I am certain about clothing sizes I try to buy nearly everything I can from my favorite online stores, only going to the affiliated brick and mortar stores when I need to check sizes and styles or return items that didn’t end up working out. We make bi-weekly family trips to the big box stores and attempt to stock up as much as space and finances will allow, but if the items can be ordered with a computer or phone, we are sure to choose those.