The Great Midwest Trip – Part 1

Arkansas is lovely, something we didn’t really discover until our spring break camping trip just months before, but the walk to the lake helped to highlight what stops at roadside RV parks never revealed: the natural beauty of the whole state. For three years we had questioned the nickname “The Natural State,” but once we were off of the interstate, we finally understood why people in Texas headed directly east for vacations: there is genuine natural beauty that rivaled what we had seen on trips through Tennessee and Kentucky. It was too overcast for a true sunset, but the mist hovered over the lake in wispy clouds that only slightly obscured the darkening pine-covered shoreline.

Choosing State Parks for Our Travel Adventures

As we move into summer vacation, don’t forget the natural resources that we have available, often within an hour drive. Check out your state park website and see what the closest parks have available for you and your kids. And if you are hitting the road, don’t forget to check out the state parks along the way. You may discover cheaper lodgings that force your family to become one with nature instead of stuffed into a roadside hotel room hooked to electronics, and I think that’s a win.

Summer 2019 Goals

I’m really great at setting idealistic goals and then being seriously disappointed when I get to the end of a break and I don’t achieve those goals. And it’s usually not for lack of trying. My husband likes to call them my “Sarahntees,” well-intentioned “promises” of things that I really want to see take place, but life gets in the way or the goal takes significantly longer than I intended which means I have to either put other, smaller tasks to the side or scrap the bigger idea for something less complicated.