Climbing Into Ancient American History – Vacation 2019

In the end, Mesa Verde was everything I had dreamed about and more. Pictures don’t do the dwellings or the landscape justice. To know that the ancient peoples figured out how to engineer their lives in a way that respected and utilized the earth is both inspiring and frustrating, making me wonder how, in the 21st century with all of our modern advances, we could better take care of the home that God has given us. It was a national park stop that taught us a great deal about the history of our country long before European settlement and reminded us to take care of our planet.

Our First Spring Break in Texas

It wasn’t the first or the last time that camping would give us the opportunity to see places and do things that we normally wouldn’t do, and as we drove back to the campground for dinner and a campfire, I was thankful that we had made the decision to find another place to camp, regardless of the need for a last minute change in plans.