sad woman standing on coast of sea at sunset

How Will We Handle Our Next Crisis?

I’m interested in healing the wounds, a healing that can only happen if we actually learn from the past this time. I really don’t want to fear the next pandemic. I don’t want to fear the next crisis. I want to be able to trust that my fellow citizens will look out for each other and not just their own interests. I want to believe that more of us understand that we are interdependent and that this interdependence makes us stronger, not weaker. I want to believe that we are better than our social media accounts say that we are.

The Surreal Nature of a Modern Pandemic

While it still doesn’t feel real as I healthily sit at home grinding through helping my children with elementary homework and grading high school English assignments, it doesn’t take much to remind me that outside of our house the struggle to get our country through COVID-19 is very real. And with all the ways this can and probably will change our country (in some ways I hope for the better), it will fully hit home soon enough, because eventually the detached surreal will become very real for our family.

The Ones Ensuring Our Survival

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things for us right now, and I have a very strong feeling that it is going to continue to change things for us over the coming months and even years. I don’t think all of those things are necessarily bad changes. And while we are all imperfect people with very short memories, I hope that we remember these people as we put new policies and regulations into place to deal with a new normal.

Looking For COVID’s Hazy Silver Lining

Make no mistake. This worldwide pandemic is going to devastate our global economy, cost lives, and make most of us uncomfortable–at best–for the next several months. It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better and it is this loss of control over our lives and fear of the unknown that is driving a lot of the current panic. But when we finally come out of this, no matter how bruised and battered, my prayers is that we will be able to see a silver lining. The quick warnings and actions of doctors and scientists around the world demonstrated that they had learned from history and determined to see a better outcome in the 21st century. I believe that the rest of us can do the same.