Not How I Pictured the Apocalypse

People are being forced to do some deep soul searching when they look at their families, their careers, and their personal lives. As a society, we are being forced to look at the social, economic, and governmental weaknesses that most of us have been willing to overlook because they haven’t appeared to directly affect us until now. As with all disasters, we’ve seen both the best and the worst of humanity, but it’s the best in humanity that is getting us through and keeping us from slipping into the worst case scenario of our fictional nightmares.

My Return to Pinterest

I saw an opportunity to change the way I looked at the platform. Instead of diving into the Pinterest wormhole and wasting more hours during my day looking at what other people had stored away in cyberspace, I decided it was time to start using the platform for its intended purpose: a place to store the articles and ideas that I wanted to be able to easily access at a given moment with the ability to search for specific ideas when the need arose.

Does This Further the Kingdom?

I don’t believe that we need to ditch social media. Quite the opposite. I believe that we can actually use social media to further the Kingdom. Social media has the potential to open up our world and create an open forum for healthy and helpful discussions. Believe it or not, I have seen this happen over and over again when my friends and I have decided to act like responsible adults and listen to each other and respond with respect and compassion. It is possible and it is one way that we can, in fact, further the Kingdom.