An Overnight Stop at Martin Creek Lake State Park

Martin Creek Lake is the perfect example of the pleasant surprises that wait for us when we make visiting state parks over private campgrounds a priority. While it may be easier to look for one of many parking spots along the highway or interstate, the state parks that are often just a little bit off our planned routes can give our families affordable escapes from the busy world and force us to commune with nature, even if it is only for an 18-hour stay.

Reflections on Costa Rica

It was an amazing trip full of beautiful experiences, lovely people, and the slow re-emergence of a little bit of my high school Spanish from long ago. While I missed my family terribly, I am also glad that I took the chance to get out of my comfort zone and try something completely new. It was certainly a spring break experience to remember before getting back to reality.

Our First Spring Break in Texas

It wasn’t the first or the last time that camping would give us the opportunity to see places and do things that we normally wouldn’t do, and as we drove back to the campground for dinner and a campfire, I was thankful that we had made the decision to find another place to camp, regardless of the need for a last minute change in plans.