Summer 2019 Goals

I’m really great at setting idealistic goals and then being seriously disappointed when I get to the end of a break and I don’t achieve those goals. And it’s usually not for lack of trying. My husband likes to call them my “Sarahntees,” well-intentioned “promises” of things that I really want to see take place, but life gets in the way or the goal takes significantly longer than I intended which means I have to either put other, smaller tasks to the side or scrap the bigger idea for something less complicated.

A Test Run Vacation

We learned that we can do at least three days of road tripping with the camper. My husband arrived exhausted (I refuse to drive with the camper attached because it is one of the few times I will readily admit that my husband really is the better driver and I don’t want to kill my whole family) and we were all ready to stretch our legs, but we can do it.