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Campsgiving on the Coast

We tossed around options, looked at past camping trips around Texas, and six months out finally decided to give the Corpus Christi region another shot. At the time, Mustang Island State Park was still closed for repairs from Hurricane Harvey (the Corpus region suffered a direct hit from the hurricane), so I looked a little further north to Lake Corpus Christi State Park. It would be less than an hour of driving to get us into the city for whatever sightseeing we wanted to do and we could get full hook-up, which is helpful when we are planning a full feast and a stay of longer than two nights.

Can We Stop With the Trinkets?

What if we parents agreed that enough was enough? What if we stopped buying the grocery store cupcakes with rings or toys on top? What if we were more intentional with our stocking stuffers and got our kids things they could just eat or use for longer than a couple days? What if we decided that we wanted our kids to have fewer, higher quality items as opposed to junky stuff that breaks immediately? What if we determined to teach our kids the value of experiences over things that are easily tossed in the trash?

How Campsgiving Changed Our Black Friday

I know that not everyone can get on board with this approach and I’m also fully aware of the economic dependence on Black Friday, but if you are like me and you are tired of giving in to wasteful spending and craving more quality time, maybe this year stay up late with your loved ones and instead of standing in line at Starbucks before the sun comes up, sleep in and cook up some breakfast. If you still really need that one item, then head out and see if it is still available after the initial lines die down. Better yet, instead of hitting all of the major chain stores, surprise a local merchant and give them your business.

The Princess Revolution

And how has this affected my daughter? I was boy-crazy girl who wanted a boyfriend from a ridiculously young age. I wanted to feel beautiful and loved and the fact that I didn’t have a real boyfriend until right after graduating from high school was a point of devastating disappointment for me. My 10-year-old talks about wanting to someday get married, has good friends who are boys, and we’ve started to see glimmers of crushes bubbling under the surface, but it isn’t her main goal. She wants to travel, she wants to be a vet, and then she wants to someday get married and have a lot of kids.

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