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The Culture Wars Drove Me to Political Homelessness

Our country is not infallible. America has done many great things, but her citizens have also been guilty of a great many crimes against humanity. I love my country, but I believe that loving my country doesn’t mean that I turn a blind eye to the crimes it has committed. It means I demand better of it and work to make it better for the future, in any way that I can. When we see ourselves as culture warriors defending our position of power in politics, our vision narrows to block out everyone else who may be negatively impacted by the battle. God is greater than our earthly politics and we are universally spiritually broken. Am I asking too much to want my fellow Christian Americans to acknowledge that?

We Need to Bring Back the CCC

I know that it seems easy to make a suggestion that is really gigantic in scope. It is a drastic suggestion that would take billions of dollars and a significant amount of manpower. But we are a nation facing issues with global climate change, crumbling infrastructure, stagnant wages, ballooning student loan debt, and lack of affordable housing. If we can come up with a bipartisan program that would address most of all of these issues at the same time, I believe that is something we could all get on board with. If it worked once before, it could work again, couldn’t it?

Hiking, History, and Early Halloween at Mother Neff State Park

Ever since we’ve moved to Texas, my husband has spent the months leading up to Halloween looking for the ideal place to replicate our two family camping trips to Brown County State Park in Indiana. While we’ve considered several options (including a return trip to Lake Livingston State Park during the last weekend of October), … Continue reading Hiking, History, and Early Halloween at Mother Neff State Park

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